Natural Hair Growth Accelerator


Product Description


  • Enjoy long, luscious, silky smooth hair and natural hair volume and length when paired with our organic serum for dry hair
  • Use on your eyebrows and eyelashes for increased length and thickness
  • All of our products are all-natural with no harmful chemicals, phosphates or sulfates

Having long, thick hair isn’t just achieved by clipping in extensions. No matter your hair type, say hello to long, thick, silky smooth hair when you start using our organic hair serum. P2P For Your Hair’s hair growth accelerator, when paired with our all-natural hair serum, gives your hair the nutrients it needs to grow in thickness and in length. Over-tweezed your eyebrows or were born with thin eyelashes? Use our organic hair serum to increase the thickness and length of your eyebrows and eyelashes! Start seeing results and enjoying long, beautiful hair when you buy our sulfate-free, organic hair growth accelerator!

  • No chemicals
  • Phosphate-free
  • Sulfate-free
  • 100 percent organic